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Manhole Protector Ring

Manhole Protector Ring InformationDownload Specifications Flyer PDF. Click Here!

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Manhole Protector Ring

Top and bottom view of Manhole Protector Ring

An Easier Alternative to Cold Patching

Now you can smooth over those manhole risers during road construction projects in a matter of seconds. Made of tough durable rubber, these protector rings fit securely around manhole risers. They won't shift or slip. Just drop them into place and remove them by simply picking them up. You will save money, too, because the rings can be used over and over again. Easily stacked to save space. Their subtle gradient design enables motorists to drive over exposed manhole risers smoothly and safely without damaging tires or their vehicle. Manhole Protector Rings come in various sizes to accommodate different diameters of manhole risers.

MUTCD requirementsThe MUTCD requires that a manhole exposed during a milling operation be protected by a slope of asphalt if the manhole is exposed over .5".

Reusable Manhole Protector Ring is recommended to give protection to manholes exposed up to 2.5" high.

Tough Enough For Any Work AreaWork Zone
Manhole Protector Ring DemonstrationWork Area
Manhole Protector Ring FeatureEliminates need for cold patching
Manhole Protector Ring Feature Fast, simple installation
Manhole Protector Ring Feature Snug fit
Manhole Protector Ring FeatureProvides smooth riding
Manhole Protector Ring FeatureReusable
Manhole Protector Ring FeatureStackable for storage
Manhole Protector Ring FeatureMade of durable 100% recyclable rubber
Manhole Protector Ring FeatureAvailable in different sizes
Manhole Protector Ring FeatureSpecifications
Part # - MPR31 - 31" hole diameter, 2" high and weighs 55 LB.
Part # - MPR26 - 26" hole diameter, 2" high and weighs 68 LB.
Part # - MPR10 - 10" hole diameter, 2" high and weighs 29 LB.
Model Number
MPR 31
55 lbs
MPR 26
68 lbs
MPR 10
29 lbs
Manhole Protector Ring Dimensions Material: 100% recycled rubber
Density: 0.6 oz/cu in. ASTM C642
Fabrication: compression molded deposit
Durometer harness: 66A ASTM D2240
Tensile strength: 300 psi ASTM D412
Elongation: 90% ASTM D412
Brittleness: 40F ASTM D746
Coefficient of thermal expansion: 8 x10.5 in/in/F ASTM C531
Manhole Protector Ring FeatureSavings per Unit Installation  
Cost per Manhole
Avg. Price per Contractors
Manhole Protector Ring (Price includes labor and cost
of MPR using a life cycle of 50 times used)
$   5.75
 Take out riser and plate it
 Leave existing apron
 Cold Patch or Hot Mix
 Use Grindings (Equipment and Labor, excludes liability)
$  30.00
 Use Barricade (Barricade Life at 10 times, excludes liability)
$   5.45



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