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The PYRALITE line of strobe lights combine state of the art electronic components and improved circuitry with single, double, and quad flash capabilities. The PYRALITE rotary lights are designed for heavy duty use, with sealed beam lamps and rugged motors built in.

Strobe Light SeriesPyralite SeriesStrobe Light Series

PYRALITE "Flash Series"  

Strobe Light Pyralite Flash Series

The PC500 single-flash strobe light sets the standard with a single, bright flash for protection of your utility, municipal and construction vehicles. Visible in all weather conditions, the PC500 uses solid-state circuitry, a corrosion proof housing and an electrical surge control to insure trouble-free operation. The PC500 has an extremely low amperage draw to conserve energy, while allowing this economical strobe light to work at a high-efficiency level. The cord and plug assembly on the magnetic mount model is designed with a built-in on/off rocker switch and LED indicator.
PYRALITE Micro-Burst Series
Strobe Light Micro Burst Series

Strobe Light Micro Burst Series

The Micro-Burst Series Line of mini-strobe lights combine state-of-the-art circuitry, a sonic-welded housing and an industry-leading 3-year warranty on the strobe bulb and circuitry. The Micro-Burst lights are multivoltage, 4" wide by 4" tall, sealed to keep out dirt and moisture and reinforced to protect against shock and vibration. The magnetic-mount version comes with a 12' straight cord and plug assembly designed with a built in on/off rocker switch and LED indicator.


PYRALITE 900 Series  

Strobe Light Pyaralite 900 Series

The 900 Series strobe lights are large, economical units designed for highway use. The 900 Series lights feature a smooth outer dome and an inner fresnel lens, stainless-steel clamp ring and an ABS plastic base. This bright, attention-getting light is available in single, double and quad flash. The QFS900 features a linear bulb for a much brighter display to the front and rear of the vehicle.
PYRALITE 2000 Series  

The DFS-2000 and QFS-2500 are Work Area's most powerful strobe lights with candella/second ratings of 1500 and 2500 respectively. These lights are excellent for advance warning and for increased visibility in bad weather. They feature a black, powder-painted aluminum base with a tall fresnel lens and dust cover.


LLV Strobe Light Kits for Construction and Emergency Vehicles
Strobe Lights for Construction and Emergency Vehicles

The LLV Strobe Light Kits designed by Work Area Protection Corporation represent the state of the art in automotive, construction and emergency vehicle-warning systems. The LLV Strobe Light Kits incorporate a quad-flash strobe system that supplies 75 quad flashes/side, producing increased visibility, earlier detection and increased safety for you and your vehicles. The kits are available in two-, three- or four-head systems for rear, rear and front, or rear and 360 degree strobe on top of the vehicle. Each system comes with a power supply, strobe heads, interconnect cables and a toggle switch. Each system can be customized to be incorporated into existing light heads. All materials are heavy duty and warranted for two years from purchase date.



Halogen "Revolving Light" Series

The 112HR is an inexpensive, versatile light that outshines all lights in it's class. The impact of this powerful revolving light is magnified by obtaining maximum light transmission by incorporating a 110,000-CP halogen bulb with a mirror-finish, non-tarnishing, revolving reflector producing 135 RPM to attract attention.
PYRALITE "Volunteer" Series
Strobe Light Pyralite Volunteer Series
These portable, low-cost, low-silhouette emergency lights attract attention from a distance by utilizing a mirror-finish, non tarnishing, revolving reflector. The 111 features a 50-candle power bulb, 60-lb magnet and 12' straight cord and plug, while the 113 features a 55-watt halogen lamp, 90-lb magnet and 12' coiled cord and plug.


PYRALITE "Heavyweight" Series
The Model 102 is especially designed for heavy-duty use. This rotating light comes with two Par 36-sealed beams. It is powered by a heavy-duty motor and gear shaft, with enclosed power feed attaching directly to the sealed beam head. The motor and gear case are sealed to resist moisture and dust.
PYRALITE "Revolution" Series
The model 212 is a totally streamlined, lightweight and inexpensive 2-sealed beam, revolving light. This heavy-duty unit provides exacting standards to the warning light industry. Features high torque, heavy-duty motor and gear box, black matte finish, ABS housing, stainless-steel dome clamp and rubber dome gasket assures water-tight seal.

Work Area Protection Corporation has been an ATSSA member for over 30 years.




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