Work Area Protection | LED Balloon Lights
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LED Balloon Lights

Durable, long-lasting, energy saving lighting for mobile applications that is easy to move and ideal for year-round use.

The 200- and 400-watt LED balloon lights are the most efficient in the industry due to a low power amp draw. The 200-watt light draws 2.5 amps compared to a 2000-watt halogen light that pulls approximately 16 amps. The 400-watt unit draws 5 amps providing glare free, non-blinding light for up to 25,000 sq. ft. and lasts up to 100,000 hours per light cell.

Shown with optional battery pack

200 & 400 Watt LED Ballon Lights


• High Efficiency, Low-Watt LED Lighting
• 200-watt light pulls 2.5 amps
• 400-watt light pulls 5 amps
• Instant Restrike Capability
• Ideal for year-round use and in extreme conditions. Balloons are weather & UV resistant, waterproof and fire retardant.
• Can be powered by an inverter instead of generator due to low amp draw
• LED cells last over 100,000 and 120,000 hours


Machine Mount

For those interested in mounting a glare-free light to their machinery, we offer a custom mounting system.
It is designed to bolt to the deck near the machine operator or to any vertical side of the equipment.
The bracket also comes with a 13′ telescoping mast to place the light at the desired height.
This option is ideal for Asphalt and Concrete Pavers, Emergency Response Vehicles and Utility Trucks.

Tripod Mount

Our tripod mounts are designed for quick and easy set up as well as portability.
Each light is interchangeable between machine and tripod mount. Ideal for any job site — ranges from 5′ to 14′ in height.
The mast is electrically nonconductive to ensure optimum safety for all those working in the area.

LED Balloon Light Specs