Work Area Protection | Pole Transport Warning Light Kits
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Pole Transport
Warning Light Kits

Work Area Protection Corporation offers all-purpose warning devices that mount on utility poles for advance warning to traffic. These kits are durable, versatile and easy-to-use.



Product No. Model No.
272853 PLBMP-8400X


The non-slip rubber base can be used on most types of poles
• Easy-tightening ratchet with 90″ heavy-duty strap that will hold pole light bracket tightly to the pole surface
• No marks from metal spikes digging into the poles
• High-output 8400X 12V, 360-degree lens strobe light mounts to the bracket and provides 65, 150 candela single flashes per minute
• Two 18″ x 18″ orange mesh flags (optional 3rd flag can be added – sold separately) lock into the positive locking flag holders and provide increased visibility to oncoming motorists
• Meets requirements for pole and log transport regulations

Product No. Model No.
272851 PL-1


• Two positive locking flag holders to prevent flags from bouncing out
• High intensity light with two 7″ flat lenses. Flashing or steady-burn modes with amber or red lenses available (please specify lens color and circuitry type)
• Special binding system with cleats and positive locking chain around the pole to prevent slippage
• Also available with high-intensity flashing strobe lights of approximately 150 candelas in red or amber lens in 12-Volt DC
• Unit zinc-plated and made of heavy-duty steel for long life

Product No. Model No.
272850 PL-2

Same features as the PL-1 except the light has a 6″ 360-degree dome


Product No. Model No.
272766 PL-4

Same features as the PL-1 except the light is a model 8400X single flash, 150 candela 12V strobe light with a 360-degree lens

All Models Include: Flags, Bracket, Flag Staffs, Light and Batteries.