Work Area Protection | Stop/Slow Paddle
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Stop/Slow Paddle

Stop/Slow Paddle


Products like Stop/Slow Paddles, and Warning Triangles make Work Area your complete source for all of your work zone safety requirements.


Octagonal-shaped paddle represents the newest standards in safety. It can’t be missed! Models SSP-1, SSP-2 & SSP-2R have a 21″ upper handle that attaches to a 60″ lower handle providing an overall height with sign of 8’5″. Model SSP-1T telecsoping fiberglass handle is 55″ collapsed, 93″ fully extended providing an overall height with sign of 9’6-1/2″. The bright red STOP and vivid orange SLOW graphics supply high visibility. Tough, lightweight thermoplastic construction makes the sign easy to use all day. Meets all federal requirements. Hi-intensity and diamond grade available.

Product No. Model No. Description
273253 SSP-1 24″ octagonal STOP/SLOW reflectorized
273263 SSP-1T 24″ octagonal STOP/SLOW reflectorized – telescoping
273234 SSP-2 18″ octagonal STOP/SLOW non-reflectorized
273242 SSP-2R 18″ octagonal STOP/SLOW reflectorized
273233 SSP-4 14″ octagonal hand-held non-reflectorized STOP/SLOW paddle
with 8″ metal handle. Also available with STOP/STOP and STOP/GO

Pyraflare Emergency Warning  Triangle

Be ready for any emergency with Pyraflare Warning Triangles. These durable safety devices are held in place by an innovative positive base lock that is activated by rotating the triangle 90° to the base. As a result, the triangles are perfectly aligned and will not tip over or be affected by truck turbulence. Fluorescent orange provides high visibility during the day or night.Triangles fold down for storage in convenient plastic carrying case. Exceeds FMVSS 125 specifications and meets all D.O.T. standards.

Product No. Model No. Description
272187 100 Set of Three Triangular Flares
272188 150 Individual Flares