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"Side Impact Frequency - Based on NTTA's past experience when the REACT 350 was in service at this location, I was told that side impacts at this particular location might have been as high as 3 or 4 side impacts for every head-on impact. This estimate was based on the frequency of repairs because the cables were down. From what I think I know of the crash history at this location since the installation of the Smart Cushion on 02.21.09, the side impact-to-frontal impact relationship is still accurate. The Smart Cushion was the crash cushion of choice at this site because of its robust resistance to side impacts. There have been no repairs necessary for any of the side impacts. Most side impacts have certainly resulted in vehicular sheet metal damage as evidenced by the debris on the ground adjacent to the Smart Cushion and by the visible scratches (but no gouges or tears) in the side panels of the unit. You didn't ask, but we also know from accident reports that no one has been killed impacting this Smart Cushion, and isn't that what it's really all about? The history of repairs at this location are well documented in the NTTA Maintenance work orders. There have been 15 pull out repairs of the Smart Cushion without the need for replacement parts other than the bottom front roller on the first impact (as a result of a defective weld), the replacement of the usual small shear bolts in the pulley, and the replacement of the front aluminum sheet that holds the retro-reflective sheeting. Because there have been multiple impacts on the already deployed Smart Cushion before the maintenance crew could schedule a email: repair, I would estimate that the Smart Cushion has received approximately 20 frontal impacts that have deployed the sled at least a few feet each time. - Mark J. Bloschock P.E., VRX Engineering, Inc."

Mark J. Bloschock P.E.
VRX Engineering, Inc.

"I spoke to the maintenance folks on the Thruway’s Niagara section today. The SCI at Vulcan Street has been hit more than ten times, (Photo attached) and the only repairs have been the two shear pins and eventually, we replaced the reflective sign panel in the front. We have more than made up for the cost of the unit, and with repair times down to a half an hour, the sole sourcing of the SCI has proven to be an excellent investment. Thruway Contract TAS 13-19 includes plans to install nine of the TL-2 SCI’s between toll lanes at Interchange 39. I look forward to observing the SCI’s performance in a toll plaza environment. Thank you."

Brian Kosloske
Roadside Safety Specialist Technical Support Services, New York State Thruway Authority

"The SCI ground mounted attenuator is a value add product to our existing line of innovative products. Some companies rely on repairs as a part of their profit base when carrying certain equipment in inventory, but here at TSS we have enough to do with helping to upgrade our antiquated National Highway System without effecting expensive repairs on "newer" equipment. The ease of installation along with the quickness of repairs, lack of a need for extensive parts inventories, and customer satisfaction add to our bottom line in a much more positive way than "disposable" crashworthy products. The SCI70GM & SCI100GM take us back to a time when things were made in America, made to last, and built tough enough to be labeled the best world- wide. We are proud to Distribute, install and stand behind this product that we truly believe in."

John Sandy
Director of Sales and Product, R&D Traffic Safety Services

"In my 45 years in the traffic safety industry, I have seen many products introduced to Cal Trans. However, only a few have generated the enthusiasm that I see with the SCI Smart Cushion. The superior design of this product, the ease with which it can be reset, and its overall performance will revolutionize the attenuator industry for years to come."

Ken Williams
President, Flash Safety Co., Inc.

"Over the years, we have had the opportunity to distribute products for many manufacturers. Typically, there is a lot of buildup about the products’ superior features and benefits. Occasionally, the products deliver less than promised. From a distributor’s viewpoint, when you get a product that really delivers all of the promises, it’s pretty exciting. The Smart Cushion has proven to be one of those products. I have been present at a number of “first time repairs” with Caltrans and each time, repair crews have been very excited and pleased with the speed, cost and ease of the repairs. In each case, Caltrans crews on their first Smart Cushion repair have completed repairs in about 30 minutes using less than $1.00 in parts! Inevitably, they are pleasantly surprised that “It actually does everything it says!” We are very excited to be involved with this product."

R. Dale Cooper
President, D&M Traffic Services Inc.

"I have limited experience with the Smart Cushion. We have one unit in my area of responsibility and it has been struck once. The unit was close to being fully collapsed. The supervisor and crew trained with the vendor using a video then went out and did some hands-on training repairing the unit. Even though the crew had to be instructed on the process it only took approximately one half hour to complete repairs. The only materials needed for the repair were two quarter inch shear bolts and the unit looked like it was brand new. The fact that these units can be repaired so quickly with so few parts greatly reduces worker exposure. If all the repairs we do are similar to this experience this will be a great product for us."

Earl Sherman III
District 4-Maintenance Supervisor Southwest Region (San Jose), Caltrans

"We have two units installed in District 6. Both units have been hit and repaired. The first to be hit is in my area and with some help from D&M Traffic Services was repaired in less than 30 minutes. replacement parts 2- 1/4" bolts. Cost for parts $ 0.68. Second unit hit was in another supervisor's area. I sent him the Caltrans repair video and one person from my crew. This repair took 18 minutes and cost for parts $0.68. Needless to say, we are very impressed thus far with the Smart Cushion. Safety is #1 and both T/C s resulted in non-injury. Maintenance employee’s exposure time has been reduced in regards to repairs. So far everything I had heard or read about this device has been true. facts are facts and seeing is believing."

Rosemary Chalukian
District 6- Highway Maintenance Supervisor, Caltrans

"Since I started working for the State of California in 1972, which was then THE DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS and then became the DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION, I have worked with many styles of crash attenuators. The Hydraulic "water filled", which is not used anymore, the Sand Barrels, the Hex-Foam Sandwich Style, The "GREAT" System, The Quad-Guard System, the Adiem II, and a few others including the "Smart Cushion". At this time, I am most impressed with the performance and reparability of the Smart Cushion. We installed one at the N/B 101 @ 080 Junction as this location seemed to be getting the most frequent impacts. The system has had three hits since installation last year and all three repairs took less than 30 minutes to reset. The last time it took us 22 minutes from start to finish with a cost of approx. $1 for the shear pins which is far more cost effective while most important to us is the shorter amount of employee exposure time to Traffic."

Jon Stidman
District 4-Maintenance Supervisor North Bay Region (San Francisco), Caltrans

"I have a location on a 2-lane highway that is being damaged from accidents, 3 times this past year. The attenuator that was in place, was very time consuming and expensive to repair or replace. We purchased the Test Level III unit to give it a try at this location. The TL III unit was in place for 12 days before it was hit by a ¾ ton pickup truck going an estimated 50 MPH. The unit performed just as Jeff had promised it would. There were not attenuator parts or debris from the hit, like we have had in the past. There was no damage done to the attenuator at all. We were able to repair the TL III unit in 34 minutes, and that was the first time doing it. It only took 2 shear bolts, a chain and our 1-ton truck to reset the attenuator. I am very pleased with the performance of this product and would highly recommend this to anyone considering this product."

Troy Hammond
Maintenance Supervisor, Nevada Department of Transportation

"We had a pickup hit our SCI attenuator at an angle and collapsed it fully a year ago. It took us a little longer to repair as we were new to it. Once I had Chuck on the phone, he walked me thru the process and it went really easy and faster than we were trying to do. It only cost us the small shear bolts to replace and about 1 1/2-hour labor. I am sure that the next time it will be less than 30 minutes to repair as we have had the learning process and know what we need to do to make it faster and less costly to make the repairs in labor hours. This system was installed on the top of an on ramp onto a bridge on I 29 North Bound mainline interstate."

Marshel Wilber
Highway Maintenance Supervisor, Harrison County Iowa DOT

"Here are the facts as I know them about the SCI-100 and its use in Kentucky. Our state decided to experimentally try two SCI-100s on one of our most busy highways. Both units were hit within six months of installation. One unit collapsed 7 feet and one was collapsed 15 feet. Both crashes were property-damage only. Our forces arrived on site at 9:30 and left the second job at 11:30 after completing both repairs. The two hours included travel time between jobs. We fixed both units for the cost of four bolts (two per unit). After this successful experiment, Kentucky began re-writing our specs to include a “severe use” crash cushion, which would include the SCI-100."

Jeff Jasper
P.E., Kentucky Department of Transportation