Work Area Protection | Vehicle Mounted Arrowboards
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Arrow Boards

Work Area Protection Vehicle-Mounted Arrow Boards are your best choice for jobs that keep you on the move enabling the user to signal, control and direct vehicle traffic through construction zones and roadside incident areas. The durable, all-weather aluminum units are easy to deploy and ideal for short or long term projects.

The system incorporates a “non-blinding,” minimum glare, electro-optical design to reduce nighttime blinding issues that exist on conventional advance warning systems.


• Available in 3 sizes: 48″ x 24″, 60″ x 30″, 72″ x 36″
• 48″ x 24″ Only available in 15 light model; 60″ x 30″ and 72″ x 36″ both available in 15 and 25 light models
• Durable, lightweight, all weather, aluminum construction
• Equipped with a spring-loaded locking device for added stability in both travel and display positions
• Available in manual or optional power actuated lift models
• Available in Par 36 or 46 LED Lamps
• Solid state controller provides photocell dimming to reduce nighttime glare
• Complies with MUTCD requirements
• Optional wireless, hand-held controller available

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